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    How to Create Italian and France Interior Fusion for Your Home If you want to find a way to fuse your Italian interior design with other design then the most suitable one would be France interior design. The reason is Read More

  • Italian Furniture Design

    Things You Need to Know about Italian Furniture Design For you who love Italian design you surely see that they have very beautiful furniture design that becomes the signature. We could even say that Italian furniture design is Read More

  • Italian Interior Design

    How to Create Italian Interior Design For you who want to find a new way to decorate your house interior then you might want to try using Italian interior design. With this design you would Read More

How to Create Modern Office in a Small Room at Home

It is important to make your office as comfortable as it can. If you think that your office is not comfortable enough right now, it means you have to improve your office. Before improving the office, it is better to learn more about the latest office design. Hopefully, by learning about those office designs, you know how to make your office looks comfortable and fresh enough. Definitely, the impact will be great because you can work there maximally.

Small Office Design at Home

There is a case that you have an office at home. It doesn’t matter if you have office at home you still have to make sure that it is comfortable enough. The office design at home has to be perfect to support your work. For example, it is better for you to have different room between the office room and the daily activity rooms. It is important so you can work maximally without any kind of sound and any problem from your children. If it is applicable, it is better to place the office on the area with several glass windows.

small office design at home

Glass windows have an important role in office design at home. The main role of the glass is that you can use as the ventilation in order to get fresh air everyday. Moreover, you can also see beautiful scenery around your working area especially if you have a wonderful backyard. Don’t forget about the way you choose the furniture. It is better not to use too much furniture for your office. Just check the image of office design at home for your reference. It has to be your biggest consideration especially if you only have small size of room for your office at home. The main furniture has to be included there. The main furniture is including table, chair, bookcase, and shelves.

Just make sure that the furniture supports your office design so everything that you need for doing your work can be covered with the availability of the furniture. To get more natural working area at home, you can use natural material. Wooden furniture material will be the best option. Specific color like brown, black and white can be your option to make your office at home looks interesting and comfortable. It is better for you to choose furniture with a lot of storages. It is important because it is a must for you to keep your office tidy. Just keep the working tools in the storages and make sure that you can easily take them when you need it.

Modern Office Design at Home

Is it possible for you to have modern office design at your beloved house? Definitely, you can do it as long as you know how to manage the furniture and the position. Modern office design is considered as open space office. You have to apply it even at home. Instead of using a close room, you can just only use separator. If you have small size of office at home, it is better to use multifunction separators. For example, you can use open bookcase or storage cabin for the separator.

Those types of separator can be used as separator as well as to keep your working equipment. It seems that you have two rooms in a single room only by using such kind of separator. Later, you can use the first room as your main working area whereas the second room can be used for drawing room or consultation room especially if you have to welcome your client at your office. If you want to have a unique office design at home, you can use your backyard. In this case, you can build a new small or medium building. Again, it is better to use natural materials. Besides the office, you can make a specific open space just like a living room. You can use the open space to welcome your clients. Complete this comfortable office design with furniture and its accessories. For example, you can give table, chairs, table lamp, air conditioning system, painting, bookcase, and many more.

Just imagine! You can make such kind of design come true in only less than 100sq feet backyard. To make your focus and concentrate to finish your job, it is also possible for you to create hidden office design. It will be great if you have a room under the stair at home. Just use that room to create a hidden office. Just close the door if you have an urgent project to finish. What you have to do next is finding the right furniture to create the office at home you dreaming of. To make it simple, you can just purchase the furniture online. For your reference, you can buy the furniture at Belifurniture. This online store will support you with any kind of products to create office at home. Hopefully, you can work in a comfortable office at home right away.


credit image by Mutni.com


How to Create Italian and France Interior Fusion for Your Home

If you want to find a way to fuse your Italian interior design with other design then the most suitable one would be France interior design. The reason is because both designs almost have the same style so you could easily blend them together. Moreover Italian and France interior fusion also use the same feeling of luxurious or rusty so you could take some from each side and put it together without worry. If you still want to get to know more about both designs you could easily see their beauty then you would not have any more doubt when using them.

Rusty Look for Your Interior Fusion

Now we will work on the rustier look of the design. If you do not know what rusty mean you could easy see some antique furniture that has been used for a long time. Those furniture would looked worn out but still in a good condition so you do not want to waste it. Furthermore with antique style you could add countryside style to your design that you could easily find in the south of France or Tuscan countryside. That is why you should hut for second hand Italian and France furniture with good condition then decorate it with some linen to make it more beautiful.

Wall Decoration for Your Italian and France Interior Fusion

Italian and France Interior FusionNow let us move on to the wall to add some decoration. For it you should search beautiful arts that represent both countries. You do not need to use real pieces since it could be very expensive, that is why you should try to find reproduction version of the real thing, whether it poster, photos or painting. For this you could easily use any arts that you like according to your preference, just enter your personality on your choice. You could create France café look on your kitchen then use countryside look for the living room, as for dining room could be created in France elegant dining style.

Furniture Choice for Interior Fusion

When you choose your furniture you could easily search for Italian and France furniture. Do not have doubt when investing in each piece since you could use the furniture for a long time since it would not out of date. To make the look fresh you could easily change the cushion, covers and lines often with different colors so you will feel as if you have many kinds of furniture. Do not forget to pay attention of each detail of the furniture such as the legs and handle.

Do not forget that you need to really study both Italian and France interior fusion to be able to blend those two in perfect blend. Broaden your knowledge and do your homework for it is important to the result that you could bring. If you want you could also choose specific theme to work with, for more regal style you could choose palace theme for your design, while more casual style could be taken from villa theme. No matter which style you want, make sure that you are comfortable with it.

Things You Need to Know about Italian Furniture Design

For you who love Italian design you surely see that they have very beautiful furniture design that becomes the signature. We could even say that Italian furniture design is the most popular in the world. And not only the design, but Italian furniture is known because it could really useful for you house so it could work as decoration as well as other purpose. It has elegant design that look formal but you could still think it as casual one since it is so simple. They bear classical design but could still be incorporated towards modern design. Now let us look deeper to this design so we could know it more.

The history of creation on the design

Italian Furniture Design 1This design firstly comes out during the renaissance time on the 14th century. At that time the style that everyone took came from Rome or Greek, this is why many furniture designer still use the same style to keep their design suitable with the core. Nevertheless the design take some changes along the centuries according to the trend that came up on each century such as baroque style, Rococo style, and many other. But even then the Italian design still keeps its roots and still gives its style going on.

The style of Italian furniture design

Now let bring the style to the surface, from the size we could easily notice that all furniture is created in large size since they are used to be use on large mansion and palace. But modern design know that they could not keep doing it and has scaled the size down a little bit so every room could fit it.

Details of the Design on Furniture

On detail side we could see that most furniture comes in solid color, while the detail decoration come in the form of tiles that places in mosaic style in some furniture that uses it. There are also irons styled in rustic finish to complete the detail. For more modern furniture these detail has been toned under so it could serve broader taste of people while not losing its origin. As material we would often see twill for softer look and leather for more luxurious style.

Inspiration from Italian furniture designer

If you want to look for some inspiration you could try to search for famous furniture designer that comes from Italy. Until know this place still known for their creative designer, some even work as an architect for several building. Most known names include Gio Ponti and Zanussi.

Time to Purchase for Italian furniture

If you want to purchase some of it, you should make sure that each piece really has Italian furniture design. Most well known furniture brands have opened their stores everywhere around the world. Or you could also try to purchase it from your local designer that could incorporate the right taste on their design. If you must, you could also try to search for an online store which offers the furniture, but make sure that they could deliver it to your place in great condition.

How to Create Italian Interior Design

For you who want to find a new way to decorate your house interior then you might want to try using Italian interior design. With this design you would be able to get modern and urban style at the same time, this is the way you could blend those styles into something that beautiful and aesthetic.

Best Feature of Italian Interior Design

How to Create Italian Interior Design?In this Italian design they always adore open space since they want the space to be larger and free. This is also the best feature that you should follow in this design since that way you could get fresh air and natural light inserting your house everyday which could be a refreshing thing to be had inside your house. You would also enjoy your life freely which could be a new lifestyle that you follow.

To be able to enter this idea to your house, you need to have large open window in your rooms. But it would be better when you could use glass wall for your entire house. You could also add Italian style architecture such as arched window, moulding on the trim, niches, and column to make it more beautiful and classy.

Material to Be Used On the Design

Next you need to choose your material carefully, as you can see if we want more open space, then we should use more ecological friendly material. This is why you could use glass, stone, and wood for the furniture and countertop. But if it is too expensive for you, you could also use fake one made from tiles. For other things that needs details then you could use leathers material and paper decoration.

To make the material more interesting you could also choose material that has flaws and rust which could be used as a classic touch to your design. But if you want it to be more modern you could choose furniture with geometric shaped that created in clean lines, and furniture that sets lower in design.

Accessories to Complete Your Design

To complete your design you could try to add some accessories. The kind of accessories that suitable for this design is an artisan accessory with metal material that finished in rustic style. For your interior wall you could also paint the trim by hand that makes it looked naturally sloppy. Do not forget to clean your rooms from any clutter, invest in a nice shaped cabinet to store your things out of sight.

With this Italian Interior Design you could make your house to be a showcase for all your furniture and collection. You could also try to use Italian theme such as Tuscan villa theme or Mediterranean beach house to make it more interesting. Do not forget to arrange your garden beautifully since you would have open windows and walls that could gain views to your garden so it would be a nice sight when you have a beautiful garden to enjoy. Pay attention to your entertainment area such as living room, dining room, and kitchen so it would have the best design to enjoy with the entire family.

Using Italian Renaissance Interior Design in Your Beautiful Living House

The best design that you could combine with Italian is the renaissance design that runs in Italia on 14th to 16th centuries. You would be presented with great furniture work and arts around your house which makes it like a living museum. In the old time buildings that have this kind of design is a nice and luxury building with large size that constructed in roman and Greek architectural style. The architectural styles use symmetric and geometric lines in their construction which suitable to be paired with any design. This is why old people like to complete it with Italian renaissance interior design to make it more beautiful.

Italian Renaissance Interior Design 1Implementation in modern style house

If you do not have a large and luxury house you could still use this design as long as you know how to do it. There are a few things to be considered such as:

  1. Furniture style: choose your furniture based on the material that is made from wood which the signature of Italian style, it would work best if it is made from walnut tree material since this tress is a common tree that could be easily found in Italy. As the renaissance style touch choose carving with those styles. You could also find furniture with marble countertop to make the design more luxurious. A piece of furniture that you should have is cassone which is an Italian chest used to store items.
  2. Fabric material: you surely need to use other material for other things, which is why you need to also choose material that suitable with Italian design. For your bedding you might want to use silk, linen and velvet material. You could also add some wool, silk or linen window drapery for treatment. If you have more money to spend you might want to get a few tapestries with beautiful arts to decorate your room. This item used to be used as and items to describe event or stories that related to the family house, but now it would work best for decoration and insulation for your rooms.
  3. Color choice: although you are free to use any color, but for renaissance design it would work best with darker shade of colors. You could also use main color such as red, purple, yellow, green and blue as the color that most suitable with Italian design. Do not forget that these colors should also be incorporated to your decoration and even fabric material color that you have used before.
  4. Arts to use: to choose arts that you use to decorate your rooms you may use only arts that represent the nature since it is a style that used in the renaissance time. Paintings of humans and animals or even natural sceneries are great artworks that you could collect for your house. If you want you could also add the arts directly to your wall by painting some drawings in your walls and ceiling. These things are also done in renaissance time to decorate their house beautifully.

Luxurious but Functional Italian Room Design

In the old times Italian home owner use luxury and high class style for their house, but that style has change during this past decade since now people are more interested in simple things that function more than just a piece of decoration without use. But then again the luxurious feeling is what homeowner wants when using this design for their room. This is why you should also choose the design of each room so it would be more personal.

Designing Each Room with Beautiful Italian Style

  1. Living room design: for living room it is important to keep the design simple so you would be more comfortable. If must you could also choose something luxurious for your living room. But remember to use something that really function and do not use too many antique items that could not be used and put that pieces on the side of the room so you could move freely. Then put some chairs and luxurious leather sofa on the center of the room to be used. For colors you should choose natural color such as brown and green. And for materials also choose natural material such as stone and woods, some irons with nice artwork could also be used for certain items.Italian Room Design living room
  2. Kitchen room design: some of you might not consider your kitchen as a room that you should design carefully. But you should know that your kitchen could be more functional and comfortable once you decorate it. Then you could use it as a place for family to gather and have comfortable breakfast or dinner together. That is why you should create a space that you could work on. Large countertop with multipurpose is very suitable for you. You could also use many appliances that could help you with your work. But do not use too many decoration items that spread throughout the room without any real function. Remember to keep cleaning your kitchen after using it so it would not be dirty and cluttered that could decrease your comfort.
  3. Bedroom design: in Italy bedroom is a place for luxury, this is why they would use large headboards with beautiful crafting and arts all around the bed frame that made from iron. You could also do this to your bedroom, but remember by doing it you would also need to have large space inside your bedroom since a bed will takes most space on your bedroom, and if you have limited space you could not place any other furniture inside. Some of those pieces could be antique one that you get from antique store or you could also use new furniture with Italian design.
  4. Bathroom design: for your bathroom you need to personalize it more because comfort is the most important thing in this room. You could have oasis theme with beautiful and luxurious spa style design in your bathroom. Choose natural approached on the design and use stone material for the bathroom countertop as well as flooring if you have more budget.

Interior Design in Scandinavian Winter Style

Kaitlin’s residence is centered on becoming mellow. At the entryway, pinned to the stairway by a cream-painted bow, a small birch wreath signs the time of this year. Likewise, restrained are the Xmas presents basically wrapped in kraft papers and even raffia thread. Compared to a few overloaded holiday homes. Look after the tangle of tinsel and respect the vinyl Santas.

Kaitlin combines the 2800 square house with her partner – a professional photographer and also Owen, their Brussels Griffon, one small puppy with a Marlon Brando together with delicate goatee.

Scandinavian Sense

SconcesThe house features a Scandinavian interior design. Awash in comforting grey and also white colored paint. The interior’s tumble the household furniture lying down with a cup full of warm tea along with a story book. A river stream runs by the outdoor, and then throughout December once the snowfall settles on the christmas tree twigs, it’s similar to a comfy cottage getaway straight from a holiday list. Designing with grey together with white colored give a Scandinavian interior style in the living room area.

Pleasing entryway

Simple winter style interior designThe comfortable entryway positions the scene in home owner Kaitlin’s Scandi-stylish house. The panelling on the wall structure, which Kaitlin freshened ahead of wonderful white colored paint, is authentic star to the house. She additionally refinished the stairway treads as well as coated the risers whitened.

bedroomConserve yet fashionable, with its own wainscotting, brass-making mattress, luxurious bed sheets not to mention darkish grey accessories, the bed room states like a planet bungalow. Kaitlin mentioned that layering interior designs and textures tends to make the room comfortable.